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NIO salon
Zhengzhou | NR Kina





Auto salon
SHL Architects


The strong historical background is a driving force of present culture and society in the city of Zhengzhou. Its a place is known for invention and innovation thus sharing similar values as NIO brand. The interior design will take inspiration from the local identity of the place.

The sacred Songshan Mountain has been an inspiration for all generations of Zhengzhou people. With a simple monolithic gesture, the flagship can be transformed into an image that evokes the brand’s meaning and reflects the contextual inspiration of Songshan mountain. The rock formation of Songshan mountain are powerful image for the brand and for the flagship.

In that respect, these ideas are incorporated and materialized in the form of central atrium wall. The material options are selected to evoke the impression of monolithic, spriped rock formations. 

The image of the store takes inspiration from the simple dichotomy of sky and mountain. Inspired by the image of the future and the unknown, NIO Zhengzhou focusses around a grand road (atrium wall) leading up into the sky and into infinity.While facing the bottom of the mountain, the most important is ability to see yourself at the top.  When standing outside of the store, the grand road hanging within the atrium space is inviting people to discover the store. An idea of experience driven shopping within 21st century.

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