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Beyond a wall
Baleal |



Danilo Vukosavljevic
Aleksandar Gusic


A theatre design strategy is inclined and depended on micro and macro context. Historical background of the environment is themed by the Baleal Fortress as a significant landmark within the Portugese coastal town. The linear layout of the new spatial intervention is situated along with North-South axis and directly related to main fortress entrance. Juxtaposing  a new architectural element and archeological remains results in creating timeless space in-between as an introduction to the new spatial journey. By exaggerating overall spatial proportions and monolithic volume we are achieving dramatic expression that pretends to involve all human senses. The Monolith is seen as the theater scene itself. Its spatial interpretation is based on three levels of meditation: concentration, contemplation and transcendence.

The first level in the form of entrance zone, is the space in-between where visitor/pilgrim is preparing for its journey. The second level of experience leads visitor through the repetitive process of serial motion towards the top of the stairs. This inner sanctum between the two walls is where the transformation of human thoughts is taking place. The zenith of transcendental experience is happening at the moment of arrival to the top platform which provides contact to the end of the continent. The described thought-cleansing process is resulting in completely new spatial experience and environment impressions. Although in strong contrast, landscape and the Monolith are creating perfect balance through connecting physical and metaphysical, non-place. 

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