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Whether an apartment, house or the other residential project, our goal is to create a comfortable and inspiring space that brings peace, personal development  and evolution of its users. We believe that the project success depends on the prec budget, program and quality management, followed by a reliable process and a professional approach from concept to completion.

Sustainability of tourism development has three dimensions: environmental, social and economic. An idea is to find a balance between these three important dimensions through architecture by creating a spatial-visual identity and narrative that are the key to product / brand success. Guided by these principles, we design hotels and resorts.


People are increasingly choosing to live or temporarily stay in a healthier and more natural living environment. Bearing that in mind, we apply our experience and knowledge in order to design the most optimal conditions for a happy and peaceful life in nature. We are providing the services throughout the whole process, from choosing a suitable location, through all the phases of planning, designing, building and equipping of your new home.

Taught by many years of practical experience, we professionally monitor the entire project process and participate in making important decisions at all times. We listen carefully and analyze our clients' questions and give creative answers through poetic and elegant architectural solutions.

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A transformation whereby old meets new is becoming one of the main 21st century topics. Both in cities and rural areas, we are witnessing a growing necessity for the preservation, reconstruction and re-use of an existing buildings and architectural heritage. Through a rigorous planning and analysis, we are building a new spatial order in harmonious relationship to the architectural values remained at site, thus making an existing building aesthetically and functionally adapted to a contemporary people needs.

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