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Ningbo Apartment
Ningbo | PR China



255 m2
MQ Studio


Our Client has a long-tradition family business based on flight suits and uniforms manufacturing for the China Railways and Flight companies. He wished to have a cozy home with high-tech features and high-end functionality and flexibility. Following the detailed analysis, we have decided to incorporate some of the airplane-like interior aesthetic and sensibility into his apartment, carefully approaching the details and creating atmospheres as designing an airplane or high-speed train interior. Bold but flexible spatial configuration is characterized by a sophisticated details and a series of spatial surprises.

​The concept of duality is the core idea of this project. An apartment space is gravitating within the contrast of open and closed, intimate and public, rigid and soft, long usage and short usage. Clearly defined servant and service spaces are providing an openess and flexibility. The whole apartment is cozy and adaptable for different use and occasions, by making a contrast and distinction between night and day zone as well as more used and less used spaces. According to this principle, the living room could be simply transformed into a cinema and bar, the study into a space for the rest and contemplation, while the children's room from being the space for sleeping and learning turns into a playground. The apartment is equipped by smart home system, sustainable HVAC installations and recycled materials in finishes and furniture.

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