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Lake Avenue Hotel
Phuket Island | 


Hotel & Spa
MQ Studio


How to create a contemporary Hotel product and brand in Phuket island without disturbing the local context and/or ending in pastiche and the obvious? We have pursued an inspiration at the well-known island-like rock formations surrounding Phuket island and interpreted through a contemporary language of design.

During the process of identifying architectural qualities of these rocks, we found that tectonic limestone formations are overgrown by lush vegetation from top to bottom in a balcony-like manner. Moreover, these Phuket Islands are home to various bird species masterly cantelivering their nests of the cliff edge. Such an unpredictable research lead us to a strange but interesting analogy to the guest, coming in and leaving the hotel rooms/nests in a bird-like manner. The project theme was a direct result of the research conclusions having the aim of creating a hotel with a strong contextual identity and character that aspires to become a dream holiday destination and a successful business model. Each guest is provided with a memorable experience through a sequence of unique local stories and narratives transformed into sophisticated Hotel & Spa facilities.

The Hotel complex is composed of two main volumes connected by the arrival courtyard and corridor. The pool and bar, surrounded by lounges and daybeds are placed within the heart of the Hotel which keeps this zone vibrant and active during the day and evening. There are three main cathegories of rooms, further subdivided to fullfill the various guest needs and demands.

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