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Youth Center B39
New Belgrade | 




Cultural Center
Youth center network
Master thesis


How to provide young people in Belgrade with an inspiring social space which could serve to collect and distribute useful information from the various cultural disciplines and their planned connection, direction and coordination? An idea is to create an institution where users are not only consumers, but rather creators of culture, thus giving a new dimension to the cultural space. The research is based on the following hypothesis:

  • a different methods of cultural networking provided by the center, will boost the awareness and consciousiness of young people about the ncessity for cultural integration within the urban environment of the city of Belgrade.

  • as the municipality with the largest number of young people in Serbia, New Belgrade needs more cultural facilities and youth centers to promote a contemporary social and cultural values.

The space which gravitates at the border of collective and individual, open and closed, provincial and planetary is produced by the spontaneous integration of different cultural disciplines within one building. Cultural center is now a fluid medium in constant, bidirectional interaction with its users.

The main events within the center take place at the intersection of several platforms – slabs, each one representing a different cultural discipline and being a building form generator as such. A classical order of walls and ceilings is decomposed, resulting in the scenarios where the wall could become a floor or bend into a ceiling and vice versa. Primarily considered as a tool for shaping the spatial volume, walls and ceilings are no longer just a constructive element. Depending on the specific needs, each of the spatial elements can be interpreted in a various ways and user scenarios thus making the whole building becomes a flexible and active social space 24/7.

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