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Commune is located at commercial center of Beijing, within Taikoo Li Sanlitun quarter designed by Kengo Kuma. A project intention is to create a unique spatial identity and character for the Commune brewery brand in accordance with the typology and a contemporary human need within the given context. Using the metaphorical elements of Architecture, the theme concept aims to convey the story of a beer phenomenon through a spatial-visual narrative, thus initiating a sensual user experience.


Vaults as an beerhall archetypal element are merged to the beer physics concept, to provide users with a direct and subtle insight into the tradition, culture and beer science. Known for being place for entertainment and consumption, the brewery now rather becomes collective world of imagination, wherefrom an optimism and inspiration are carried back home. An artistic and educational character of the space, enriched by recycled interior materials, contributes to the local community awareness towards humane environment.

The layout concept is based around 2 main planning principles: a) We are proposing 2 equally important zones for use thus following the character of the given space itself and b) These 2 main zones are further divided into pockets of spaces which contain different characters and atmospheres.

The main entrance zone is located on the South. By analizing all the existing Commune projects, we found the Retail counter being the heart of the space around which everything gravitates. In that respect, the Retail counter/Retail space entrance is located towards the East facade, thus being easily accessable from all different lounge areas.

The bar is located within the North zone which encourage people using this area as well. This spatial strategy makes the whole place equally vibrant and busy. Here we are proposing inviting spaces and more private/intimate lounge areas oriented towards the terrace. In order to free as much as possible space around the bar, the kitchen is located along the North-West facade. 

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